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Straight teeth achieve so much more than an attractive smile. Often straight teeth and proper jaw alignment means a healthier mouth. You can expect fewer cavities, less discoloring and wear, even the gums benefit.

There are many reasons for crooked teeth or misaligned jaws, known as malocclusion.


Proper jaw alignment is when the upper teeth fit slightly over your lower teeth and points of the upper molars fitting into the grooves of the lower molars. Common malocclusion includes overbite and underbite. If you have an overbite, your upper front teeth protrude out farther than your lower front teeth.

There are repetitive behaviors – myofunctional habits – that can cause a malocclusion.

Myofunctional Behaviors

Some habits can greatly affect the muscles or proper functioning of the mouth, such as thumb-sucking, use of bottles and pacifiers, mouth breathing, and tongue thrusting (often while sleeping).


It is possible to inherit crooked or crowded teeth, as well as an over or underbite from your parents.

Dental Hygiene

It is important to have teeth regularly cleaned and checked to avoid problems like cavities and gum disease.


Poor diet can lead to tooth decay. In children proper development may be affected.


Blunt force trauma to the mouth can knock teeth out of position.

Self Confidence

Do you find yourself self-conscious about your teeth? Experiencing any discomfort when chewing? We are experts at treating all adult orthodontic issues. Our skilled team takes pride in customized treatment plans that will make you smile with confidence.

For Invisalign, ceramic braces, or traditional metal braces, come to our comfortable and convenient orthodontic office at 754 North Carroll Ave, Southlake, TX.

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