Traditional / Metal Braces

Traditional Braces Remain a Budget-Friendly, Very Effective, and Efficient Option.

Traditional Braces in Southlake, TXTried and True Traditional Metal Braces​​​​​​​

Metal braces are the most common type of braces, sometimes referred to as “traditional” braces. Quality stainless steel brackets are bonded to the front of each tooth and connected by archwires that are tightened at regular intervals to gradually guide teeth into desired positions.

Modern day metal braces are far superior to what they used to be. The brackets are smaller, less noticeable, and more comfortable than ever before. Plus they are customizable; you can pick a new color of elastic bands at every adjustment appointment. Keep it clear or change colors for fun and fashion.

Despite advances in orthodontics technology and newer treatment options, traditional metal braces remain a budget-friendly, very effective, and typically most efficient option. In particular, traditional braces may be the only choice in cases that are severe or complex cases, when teeth and/or jaws need to be moved far.

Traditional braces can potentially deliver faster results especially in the case of children who may not wear removable clear aligner tray type braces for the required time each day.

Metal braces are also typically the most affordable treatment option. For details about candidacy and the cost of different orthodontic treatment options, visit Orthos Boutique Smiles for a consultation to assess your unique needs.

Correcting Malocclusion

Occlusion refers to the alignment of teeth and the “bite” – the way the upper and lower teeth fit together. When the teeth or jaws aren’t aligned properly it is called malocclusion.

There are different types of malocclusion. The most common and easiest to correct is a matter of teeth alignment not the position of the jaws. In the case of an overbite the upper jaw overlaps the bottom jaw. The reverse is an underbite, when the bottom jaw overlaps the top jaw.

Beyond a Fantastic Smile

More than straightening teeth for aesthetic purposes, braces can fix malocclusion that interferes with proper function, creating problems and pain. Correction can relieve tension in jaw muscles, prevent excessive wear to teeth, and decrease the risk of decay and gum disease.

Protect Your Enamel

Jaw or teeth misalignment can cause teeth to grind against each other causing damage to the enamel. Enamel is the hard external layer of your teeth that makes them strong and durable. Without it teeth are more fragile, sensitive, and susceptible to decay from acids and plaque. It can’t regenerate so protecting your enamel is essential to maintaining healthy teeth.

Straight Teeth = Easier Oral Hygiene

Crowded teeth are typically harder to keep clean and thus more likely to develop cavities. Brushing and flossing effectively can be difficult, resulting in plaque and bacteria in the crevices.

If you have irregular teeth spacing, crooked teeth, or experience any jaw soreness or stiffness, call Orthos Boutique Smiles. We are here to help you smile with confidence.

Life with Braces

Regular Appointments for Fast Results

For the best and quickest results, be sure to make every appointment, and schedule your next appointment as you leave the office each time. Treatment can be extended if appointments are missed or there is delay between any scheduled visits.

Caring for Braces

Certain foods and beverages can cause appliance breakage and increase risk harm to your teeth and gums. Sticky, sugary and hard foods should be avoided. If something high in sugar is eaten, it is important to carefully brush and rinse soon after. Some things can break or bend wires. We will provide a list of recommended foods and foods to avoid.

Exceptional oral hygiene is very important to prevent tooth decay and avoid other dental problems like gingivitis and tartar buildup. The brackets and wires provide more areas for food particles, plaque and bacteria to accumulate. Consistently and thoroughly cleaning after eating (and rinsing after drinking) can prevent not only staining, but cavities and other serious oral health issues.

Minimizing Discomfort from Braces

Braces will feel strange at first but that will go away over time. Tenderness and sensitivity to pressure is typically experienced for a few days to a week. Tylenol and Ibuprofen can alleviate any initial pain. For irritation to cheeks or the tongue caused by the wires and brackets, orthodontic wax can be applied to the metal, and warm water rinses are recommended.

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