Types of Invisalign

Invisalign for Children, Teens and Adults

Invisalign at Orthos Boutique SmilesTypes of Invisalign

In addition to Invisalign for adults there is also Invisalign for children and for teens.

Invisalign First for Children

Invisalign First is a good solution in some cases of growing youth needing alignment correction. Children between ages of six and ten may benefit from early orthodontic treatment if there is a developing problem that can be addressed with aligners.

Invisalign for Teen

Teenagers can enjoy their ideal smile, achieved in less time than traditional braces and without any changes to their lifestyle.

  • Hardly noticeable, drawing no attention to the treatment
  • Removable for playing sports, oral hygiene, and mealtimes
  • No metal brackets or wires to accidentally break requiring extra unplanned orthodontist appointments
  • Accountability – Invisalign Teen has a compliance indicator to show if the aligners are being worn the right amount of time each day

Why Invisalign instead of other brands of clear aligners?

More Comfortable, Technologically Advanced and Faster Results

Invisalign has been perfecting their technology and materials since 1997. With data of over 600 million smiles, cutting edge digital scanning, and advanced plastic, Invisalign is the clear leader in clear aligners.

Powerful Technology. The iTero scanner takes 6,000 images per second for fast and accurate high-resolution imaging.

Ensured Comfort. The ultra-flexible SmartTrack® plastic is specially engineered for Invisalign. It is designed to provide an exact fit for comfort and to achieve fast results. Plus every aligners’ edge is custom-trimmed with precision to avoid gum irritation.

Preview Your New Smile. The Outcome Simulator provides a picture of what your new smile will look like after treatment is finished. It is exciting to check out the end results before beginning!

Get the Smile You Have Always Wanted

If you live in the Southlake, TX area and are interested in learning more about straightening teeth with Invisalign, call Dr. Luu at Orthos Smiles to schedule a free consultation. We want to see you smile confidently!

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