Dr. Obeid is proud to offer Invisalign, a revolutionary new way of crafting smiles without the use of traditional metal braces. Invisalign treatment utilizes a series of clear plastic aligners, created with precision, to gently and gradually move your teeth into place. With Invisalign, you can get the smile you’ve always wanted, discretely, and with minimum disruption of your everyday life.


Traditional braces are the most popular type of braces used throughout the country. Beyond being effective and reliable, they are easily customizable with different colors, so patients can express their own personal sense of style. Your colors can easily be changed at every appointment to coordinate with your outfit, friends, holidays, or whatever color matches your mood.

Clear/Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a common alternative to metal braces, although they aren’t recommended for severe cases. Ceramic braces can be a beautiful alternative to metal braces if Dr. Obeid recommends them.

Adult Treatment

Have you formed a habit of smiling with your mouth closed? Or maybe when you flash a grin, you feel a tug of self-consciousness about the position of your teeth? It’s time for that to change. We frequently treat adults with orthodontic issues, and work hard to customize a treatment plan to achieve the smile you’ve wanted to show off for a long time.

iTero Scanner

With the iTero scanner, your orthodontist can take a highly accurate digital impression of your teeth and jaw without any of the goopy putty of the old technique. This makes for a more comfortable patient experience, and the improved accuracy leads to improved treatment. Plus you can see your teeth instantly in 3D, enhanced communication during the consultation and treatment process.

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